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Getting Started

Overview is a multichain supported DApp that lets you easily create Bonding Curved ERC-20 and ERC-1155 with custom tokenomics.

You can use this SDK in both the browser and Node.js, and it's strongly-typed with TypeScript. Both ESM and CommonJS are supported.

Maximize the bonding curve protocol with your own flavor. 🍏

Quick Start

Below is a quick example of how to use the SDK to communicate with the Protocol.


First, we will install as a dependency in our project.

npm i

Reading Data

Below is a simple example of retrieving the token's total supply.

import { mintclub } from ''

const totalSupply: bigint
= await mintclub
.network('base') .token('CHICKEN') .getTotalSupply() // $CHICKEN token actually exists! // 🐔

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Writing Data

Below is a simple example of purchasing a token.

import { mintclub } from ''

const result = await'base').token('CHICKEN').buy({ 
	amount: 100n, 
	slippage: 0, 
	recipient: '0x...'

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Next Steps 🎊

You can find more examples and detailed documentation throughout the rest of this site.